Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

This activity is both very instructive and educational for younger children. A game that aims to educate children to recognize the colors and objects they see in their environment. Children can play this event outside whether they are inside or if there is no rain. For example, if they are… Read More »Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Home Design Ideas

Best Wall Decor Ideas 2020

Everyone wants to decorate their house in the best way. But this is not a question with a single solution. In this article, we talked about fashionable colors, accessories. All will be favorite this year. We brought them together to be an example for you. I hope this “Best Wall… Read More »Best Wall Decor Ideas 2020

How to make pom pom

DIY Pom Pom Projects

Jewellery and accessories reflecting our style are part of our lives. Especially it is indispensable for women. But no accessory can replace the accessories that are our own hands and which reflect the design. Who wouldn’t be happy to carry accessories that he did and never had any?  Or someone… Read More »DIY Pom Pom Projects

Chalk Painted Cabinet Furniture

Furniture Painting Tips

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It has always been that we all wanted to make minor changes in our home. However, sometimes it is not enough for us to move the furniture or to place small accessories such as paintings and vases in our living room. If you want to make a radical change in… Read More »Furniture Painting Tips