75+ Things To Do While Stuck at Home due to a Pandemic

75 Things to do during the pandemic

Some of you are pleasant, but some of you are having a hard time. I know. The whole world is going through a challenging period. But if you are in good health, you should stay at least at home and don not pose a risk to other people.

In this article, I have compiled more than 75 activity ideas that will inspire you. Although, a few will surely be of interest to you, just choose one and do it; don’t focus on the rest. Fortunately, you will feel more relaxed and happy with the feeling of accomplishing something. Lets start: Things To Do While Stuck at Home due to a pandemic or Things To Do When Bored

Complete a Puzzle

  1. Complete A Puzzle
  2. Write a Blog (free blog platform: wordpress or wix)
  3. Watch movies you could not until now
  4. Learn a foreign language (start with dualingo)
  5. Read…Read…Read…
  6. Try to write calligraphy
  7. Bake new recipes
  8. Learn crochet, try something for your family

Start Yoga with Online Videos

  1. Start yoga with online videos (Yoga with Adriene like more than 7 million people)
  2. Take a bubble bath
  3. Write a short story to fire your creativity
  4. Try to draw a self-portrait with a pencil
  5. Reproduce something from Pinterest
  6. Sleep… Just Sleep
  7. Make a list which makes you happy
  8. Try the brew coffee, but not just in a regular way, like a pro
  9. Rearrange your drawers

Make a List for Future Visits

  1. Make a list for future visits
  2. Apply for a new job
  3. Start to do some handcraft activity
  4. Make Origami
  5. Play name-city-animal with your family
  6. Make a challenge scrabble in a foreign language that you already started to learn
  7. Try to make Macarons

Make Macarons

  1. Use your expertise and create educational videos for YouTube
  2. Practice very rare English words
  3. Do hair care
  4. Write a fun song
  5. Improve your typing skill
  6. Learn a completely new skill that you did not do ever
  7. Cook a cheesecake with your children
  8. Try to do a homemade ice-cream
  9. Learn new cultural cuisine from foreign countries
  10. Do barbeque
  11. Play football if you have a big garden
  12. Take a sunbathe on balcony

Cook a Cheesecake with Your Children

  1. Make a very long breakfast
  2. Sleep during the day, stay up at night – be a night owl
  3. Learn to do beatboxing
  4. Discovery a new style dancing for yourself
  5. Find free distance learning courses
  6. Pray…Pray…Pray
  7. Write a bucket list
  8. Watch TED Talks

Try to Make a Jewelry

  1. Try to make a jewelry
  2. Learn a card game that you do not know
  3. Find your old friend and make list for phone call
  4. Be prepared on your Resume and LinkedIn account
  5. Reorganize your household items
  6. Learn to use a new technological device
  7. Contact with your family members who you did not talk long time
  8. Start gardening for the interior
  9. Do a home improvement job
  10. Find some creative projects
  11. Just do nothing

Start Gardening for The Interior

  1. Improve your math skills from Khan academy
  2. Make a Lego challenge
  3. Review your personal finances
  4. Learn to play on stock (exchange) market
  5. Find alternative freelance jobs
  6. Virtually visit museums and art galleries
  7. Enhance your mental health, do well-being activities

Play Console Games with Your Children

  1. Play console games with your children
  2. Seed a plant
  3. Record an audiobook for visually handicapped people
  4. Buy a cookbook and apply all recipes day-by-days
  5. Stay connected with fashion, plan your future after quarantine days
  6. Research everything about a new plan
  7. Build a open shelf for your plant or home stuffs
  8. Recycle your old dresses/garments
  9. Help elderly people for shopping
  10. Wake up very early morning and go out to run if there is no lockdown

Just Do Nothing

  1. Completely clean out your wardrobe
  2. Colourize a colouring book
  3. Visit some virtual place with Google Earth
  4. Send letters to family members or neighbours

This are “Things To Do When Bored” that I can give as suggestions.