Balloon Garland

balloon wall backdrop

Balloons are an indispensable part of crowd invitations with the option of being used in many ways. If you want, simply put it together and create a monochrome background on the back. If desired, create a showy ornament with flowers and versions in different colors and sizes. Wedding Balloon Garland Arc, or Backdrop…. Or just use it for baby shower events, not wedding ceremony. Or celebrate the first ages of your child.

Wedding Photo Backdrops

Unlimited option is up to you. I have brought together designs that will create a beautiful backdrop for you, both visually impressive and memorable. I hope these designs will inspire you. You can actually design it on yourself. All you need to have is: Balloons of different sizes and colors (in colors that match the concept of your event), and transparent fish line to tie the balloons together. If you want, you can place artificial flowers between them.

Your design doesn’t just have to be arc. If you want, you can also choose designs that are applied to the table that looks simpler but still stylish.

Birthday Decoration

Balloon decoration at the first birthday party of your baby will be the most complementary birthday party decoration. On your baby’s first birthday, you will capture many beautiful photo frames.

Not only for your baby, it will add a stylistic atmosphere to all your loved ones’ birthday parties. Do not forget to tie your application securely. Despite the perfect exterior decor, the balloon cluster can be dangerous in windy weather! Also, do not forget to tie a knot a few times when you pass the line around each balloon.

Baby Shower Decorations

Of course, the inevitable parts of baby shower events are balloons and other colorful materials accompanying them.

If making these designs seems really difficult, you should definitely get professional support. We must not miss this important day.

If you want to do it yourself, I would like to share a video (or channel) about how it was done with you.  If you are curious about the materials used in this video, I can briefly mention it. But, as I said before, the materials are not precise quantities, but completely shaped according to the place of application and the rest of the event. In this application, 7 pieces 18 inch, 30 pieces 5 inch, 72 pieces 12 inch and lastly 3 pieces 36 inch balloons were used.

Balloon Wall Backdrop

Finally, I would like to remind you that there is no limit to the decorations made with balloons. The important thing is to know your concept and determine the colors that you think will be appropriate. In short, balloons are fun and an affordable way to make any space more festive. Let’s do four easy steps.