Custom Aprons

BBQ Aprons for Men

Kitchen or custom aprons, an ideal practice for those who are just starting to sew. It is simple to apply, and the materials needed can be found anywhere. You can also create amazing looking designs using the power of fabric patterns. However, when you start searching on the internet, you will also find that there are actually many variants or at least different models. Don’t be confused. In this article, we would compile many models for you. From now on, good reading to you.

Tea Towel Apron

While looking for a model for you, I saw this model. First, I wondered if it would be too simple. But I think simplicity is the best. For this reason, I decided to add it. It looks like it has a modern and at the same time a spirit that carries traces of the past. It’s very simple to do. 

Because you can already obtain the most important part of the material as ready. I normally do not find it right to say the name of a non-sponsored brand, but I will not be able to go without saying this. You can supply different types of tea towels from Ikea. Take a quick look if you want.

As an example of the pictures above, I would like to share the tea towels models I like. 

After purchasing tea towels, you will need a twill tape to attach it as a half apron and also a couple of buttons. You will use twill tape to tie tea towels. For this reason, sewing a button on the ends of twill tape provides a more practical solution. Sew the buttons to the end of the tape and open the button on the two corners of tea towels. Sew the edges of the holes so that the fabric cannot be ravelled out from the holes.

You can also review this design, which I added as I like it, from this page.

Simple Apron for Beginners

This is actually a classic design. You may have probably bought such a design before or your grandmother has prepared it for you. Even though the structure seems simple, those who are just starting out still need to know the concept of measurement. Because you need to calculate and mark some measurements in order to cut. You will also need to do a few cut-stitch operations to add pockets.

If you liked this design, I share this address with you. You’ll see the dimensions and details of how it’s done.

Another model, I can say again, a classic design. It has a elastic neckband and also pockets. You can find the details here.

Aprons for Men

Of course, men should not be forgotten. Especially when it comes to the kitchen, men are very talented in this regard. But still, when it comes to men, aprons for men might be more accurate to illustrate with a few subgroups.

Chef Aprons

There is a ready-to-use pattern for this model, all you need to do is print out this pattern. You can find detailed steps here. After taking the print out template and cutting one apron and 2 pocket fabrics according to the template, we fold and sew twice the top edge of the pocket fabric with a thickness of 2.5 cm (approximately 1 inch). We fold and sew the other 3 sides to be about half a centimeter (1/4 inch). In the same way, we sew the edges of the apron twice, with the upper edge 2.5 and the other edges half a centimeter.

Grilling Aprons

Barbecue is not avoided these days. Especially while all of us are trapped in the house, if you have a garden, do not forget to have a nice time by getting fresh air and barbecue with do-it-yourself bbq aprons.

Therefore, if you are looking for a handy and simple barbecue apron that can be a good gift for men, this design is for you. The designer explains how to do it with a funny video and also shares the details on his blog. So I think the rest is now to produce this …

Workshop Aprons

Workshop Aprons are very useful. It prevents the contamination of oil or other liquids on you. It is not easy to stay clean in the workshop, but this design will keep you clean to a large extent. While researching a practical solution, I encountered this design and found it to be really useful. There is also a template ready to cut the fabric. In addition, a nice video with its steps explained. You should definitely take a look. Also, you can buy it, if you do not want to sew it.