Best Paint Colors for Painting Wall and Furniture

Every new year, you may want to make radical changes in your home. The best way to do this is to change the paint colors of the walls or furniture. So you will feel as if you have completely renovated your entire home. You will find the latest trend paint colors of 2020 in this article. I hope they will give you an idea. The best paint colors and the latest paint color trends … You can color both your walls and furniture. Suitable paints are available for both surfaces. If you want to apply wallpaper, you can review our article. Or you can take a look at our article on furniture painting.

Kitchen Cabinets Color Trends in 2020

Let’s start the kitchen cabinets with paints. If the furniture of your furniture is intact, you can completely renew it by first sanding and then painting it.

The other color you should examine is light moss. It gives an air of every light and it will not be a boring color at all. Look at the link.

Never embrace the power of renovation. If you can find professional colors and apply them correctly, you will be refreshing your furniture from the beginning.

Sometimes it is not enough just to change the colours of your furniture. Colouring the wall behind your countertop can add a totally different mood to your kitchen.

Living Room Color Trends in 2020

Benjamin Moore does not only set a trend for living room colours, it has a trend card for colours that will be used in all interior decorations. You can see the 10 most popular colours of this year below. My advice is to examine the real work done with these colours in person. Although these colours appear soft and uniform on the colour card, they give unexpectedly good results when applied to large surfaces.

Another site that I can recommend you to follow the 2020 fashion belongs to Nicole Hollis. I would like to share 3 different space designs on the link. As can be seen, light colours provide results suitable for all kinds of places.

Bedroom Color Trend in 2020

Office Color Trends in 2020

The Knoxville Gray color is among the trend colors of this year, and there are also colors that are compatible. Although these colors seem to be exactly the opposite, these contrasts show a very good harmony. Yellow and shades are a really nice harmony. It also creates a perfect harmony in white tones. The photo we have added in the kitchen cabinet is a complete example of this. Just scroll up and compare again!

Office Room Furniture Paint Color Ideas

In the renovation works, the colour tones that are similar in pastel but homogeneous diffusion to the room are also preferred by professionals. If you want detailed information about the place where this sample study is applied, you can click on the link.

Interior Design Color Trends