Best DIY Lettering Ideas (Updated for 2020)

DIY Lettering

Fancy words (DIY Lettering) written in decorative letters have always been a stronger means of communication. Greeting cards, notebooks, company logos, wall decorations, t-shirt prints and cloth bags … It is possible to see this art everywhere.

DIY Welcome Door Signs

This glamorous and complementary part of your home, welcome door signs are both easy to prepare and an accessory that you can design completely according to your own pleasure. First of all, you can start by drawing your own motif/pattern. You can apply it on both acrylic and glass, but since it will be hung on the door handle, it will be the most practical and safe method to apply on a transparent acrylic plastic sheet piece. You can transfer a draft that you have previously painted with a fine pencil to the acrylic surface and then pass over it with a thick pencil and have a door sign with stunningly saturated colour. Don’t forget to fill the coloured pencil with paint inside the characters you transfer by drawing.

acrylic door signs

DIY Lettering

For example, Eddy has a nice application example on its site. Also, I discovered a resource for you, where you can find ready templates. You can start painting right away by taking the print out of these templates.

Another example for DIY Lettering, I like, is that it explains step by step how to do it again. First, you need to buy an acrylic sheet. You can also handle this job online. Search for the keywords “buy acrylic sheets online” or “buy plexiglass sheets online”. If you have the ability to write characteristic or graffiti writings, you can try this by drawing on a piece of paper. Even drawing in a small size is enough. You can then transfer the photo to the computer by mobile phone or scanning and print it back to the size you want. You will then need to supply some pens for the colors you want to use. If you want to buy online, it may be enough to search for “pen for acrylic board”. Then place the printout templates under the transparent layer and pass it with a pencil. Don’t start without calculating exactly where calm letters will come. Because rearranging while on the road can ruin your project. 

If you want to watch how to apply in practice, you can look at this video. If you do not have the ability to write graffiti, do not worry, because there are websites where we can find the fonts ready. I can recommend Creativemarket and Dafont to you. Though free fonts are available, sometimes full versions are available for a low fee. Please do not forget to take a look at the right to use property. If you need greenery figures to use as a frame, you can find them on the same site. It is possible to use them as templates.

lawn games sign

This was another good application that I could find for you. I think the grass used as a background created a different style as it added a third dimension. I recommend you to review.

Custom Tote Bags

no sew t-shirt tote

Another work you can do with DIY Lettering is to make a personalized cloth bag using old t-shirts or using your remaining fabrics. Of course, at this point, Eddy pens are coming to the rescue. 

No Sew T-shirt Bag or Tote

stencil tote

Another method related to tote bags is dyeing using stencil. In this way, you can easily transfer your desired lettering to the fabric surface. The detail is here.