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DIY Pallet Outdoor Sectional

I love pallets because they are usually not so difficult to find and they are free. They are also suitable for carrying out many projects.
Before I start, I want to say the presentation. Maybe you don’t know how to find the palette. For this reason, “How to find a palette free or cheap?” I will start by answering the question.

How to find a pallet free or cheap?

I’m sure there are small businesses that use pallets around your home. They often use pallets very often or less. And throwing these pallets away is a problem for them and they have to pay the companies that do this job. So you can find a business and ask them if you can buy them from scrap pallets.
Another alternative is also local yard sellers and craigslist ads. If you do some research, you will definitely find free or almost free pallets.

Are these pallets safe?

Of course, not all are safe. One way to mean this is to look at the codes on it. The mark on it gives information about which chemical process it comes from. So you can tell if this chemical treatment is safe for your health or not!

IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) logo that will help you at this point. You should be very careful with the letters on this stamp.

DB – Debarked: Safe to use

HT – Heat Treated: Safe to use

MB – Methyl Bromide. Highly toxic and not safe. Not safe to use

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Now that you know how to find pallets and make sure they are safe, let’s start pallet projects.

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