DIY Pegboard Kitchen Storage

Normally, we always see Pegboards in shops or workshops. But wouldn’t it be useful in your home when you want to organize something?
Of course, it would. They can be used anywhere in your home, providing excellent convenience, especially in kitchens. It is very flexible to use. You can change it according to your needs with the hooks on it. It will provide you with great inspiration.
One of the points you should pay attention to before using it is to leave sufficient space between the wall and the pegboard before mounting on the wall for easy use of hooks. Secondly and more importantly, considering the weight of the items to be hung on it, the fasteners should be chosen correctly and the assembly should be done safely.

Hooks can be used to hang measuring cups and spoons. You can hang the measuring set that will be used frequently while cooking, on this panel. If you hang two sets, one set is for dry materials; you can use the other for wet ingredients. Very suitable.

In addition, you can easily attach any basket or shelf on the hook to the pegboard.

The ideas you will find in this article will allow you to get a great look in your kitchen. Thus, you will find several creative suggestions that will help create an attractive space.

The first thing to consider when designing your kitchen is to find the best way to use the most space available. For this reason, your kitchen should be designed with things that should be useful. But it also has to be beautiful. This is not only where you cook, but also where your creativity finds space.