DIY Picture Frame

Framed Pressed Flowers

DIY Picture frame is irreplaceable accessories of the houses. You save your memories with them. Everyone now has smartphones and you have huge memory capacity, I know. However, I still like to print photos and hang them on my wall with the frames I prepared them. Thus, you can slow the flow of life a little. 

DIY Picture frame also has a different irony. Not only will you slow down, but you will also place milestones on the life timeline. It also gives you an excuse to eternal moments that are precious to you and to see what’s going on in your life. For this reason, I would like to share with you the idea of a few picture frames that I like to see, custom size picture frame, pressed flower frame and also popsicle sticks frame. Some of them are very simple to build but they add charm with its minimalist look.

If you have flowers or showy leaves that you dried with various methods, you can display them in a simple frame. The construction of this frame is so easy that you just need to put wooden lath on the upper and lower edges. If you want to see how it’s done, be sure to check it out here.

Custom Size Picture Frame

Sometimes you want to make a collage from pictures or photos. Here is exactly what you need at this point, a non-standard size frame. Or using the empty space on your wall creates an overwhelming image for the frames sold in the existing sizes. That’s why you need to add an aesthetic look using different sizes. For all these situations, it is very easy to design your own frame if you have material.

One of the most important helpers here is the tool called mitterbox. A platform to take a reference. Because no matter what model you make, you will definitely need to cut a certain cut properly.

Pressed Flower Frame

These frames are perhaps one of my favorite applications. Since it is transparent, it provides a deeper view. At the same time, more importantly, the flowers that look lively inside manage to stay fresh all the time. If you want your house to have a living corner at all times, be sure to apply it. You need to be a little patient. However, you can achieve this with a classic method that everyone knows.

All you have to do is pick the flowers you will keep and then clean these flowers from their leaves as much as possible. The leaves make the press process a little difficult. Then place them on a towel paper so that they do not touch each other. After covering them with towel paper, place them between a heavy and hard book to press. After patience for at least a week, you can take your flowers out from the book and place them inside a glass frame. Please look for details. 

Cedar Wood Frame

Another interesting project is a frame made of old cedar wood boards. Its construction looks really eye-catching, but it looks very simple. If you want to learn the details, definitely visit this site.

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Romantic Wall Decorations

If you want, you can evaluate your old frames or wooden pieces and turn your walls to vertical flower gardens. After disassembling the frame glass, grid-like wire is mounted on the frame. You can cut the leaves of artificial flowers and stick them as a ground so that the flowers can hold more comfortably. You can stick the flowers on this floor. Please see here for details. I really wanted to share this project with you because I really like it.

Bonus DIY Frame Designs

And … a little bonus design idea from me. I think these frame models will give you ideas to improve your creativity. For this reason, I kept them to the end.