DIY Pom Pom Projects

How to make pom pom

Jewellery and accessories reflecting our style are part of our lives. Especially it is indispensable for women. But no accessory can replace the accessories that are our own hands and which reflect the design. Who wouldn’t be happy to carry accessories that he did and never had any? 

Or someone like your very popular jewelry, “Where did you get it?” When he asked, “I did it!” You say. Who doesn’t like this 🙂 But making a jewelry frequently isn’t always easy. It is very troublesome and time consuming to string small beads on threads or to make handmade patterns. One of the best methods you can complete in a short time is to make accessories from pompoms or tassels. It allows you to have fun while doing it and also gives you the opportunity to combine your imagination and hand skills.

Pompom accessories can be a beautiful gift not only for yourself but also for your friends. Taking a handmade gift is making your friend feel precious. Or, if you want to do an activity with your child, making pompom accessories can make you spend pleasant time together. Whether it is necklace, earring bracelet, key ring, purse wallet accessory, wall ornament or mobile for your baby bed. What you want to do depends on your imagination and dexterity.

How to Make Pompom?

Let’s see how to make pompom with the help of a small fork. Wrap the wool thread of the desired color around the catal. Tie the strands you tie in the middle of the fork with a separate rope. You can now pull the strings off the fork. Cut the ring-forming parts of the threads. In other words, the ends of all threads must be cut. Then make corrections with scissors to give a full round shape. and your pompom is ready. If you wish, you can reach the pompom production from the link.

How To Make Tassel?​

Tassel making is also quite simple. Wrap the thread in the color you want equal length. Thread and tie a separate string through the threads. Then, grasp the bottom of the part you attached and give it a small ball shape and join the bottom. Tie it with a different rope from the place you joined. After fixing with your hand, cut all the bottom rings at once. You can click on the link to see the tassel making.

Tassels help you make accessories as stylish as pompoms. If you wish, you can combine pompoms and tassels to create wonderful accessories. In addition, pompoms and tassels alone will not be sufficient for making accessories. we will need clips, chains, and colorful beads to diversify your accessories. We have compiled a few jewelry and accessories for you.

You can find how to make this colorful accessory from the link here.