Easter Egg Design Ideas

Easter Eggs Decoration

Why not design your eggs by making extraordinary colouring instead of the usual Easter eggs? In this article, you will find egg painting ideas that we have compiled from various sources. So you will turn your easter entertainment into a feast. You can choose the design you like and start the application immediately. However, I want to remind you: There are tons of easter eggs decorating ideas!

Galaxy Easter Eggs

First of all, I must say that I really liked this work and when I first saw it, I said I should definitely do it. Be sure to review the article that inspired me to see how it was made. To start, we create the ground with a black paint to give the space a sense of depth. This paint is also called chalkboard paint. We paint it in blue color on random place with a brush. Then we create another pink paint layer with the help of a sponge. 

Let’s even wipe off any excess wetness of pink paint with the help of a dry sponge. For next step, we create enough traces with gold paint to create an edge effect on these painted areas. We paint one more layer of black to increase the feeling of depth. Of course using sponge … And lastly, we wet a brush with white paint and just spray it on our eggs. This will make it look like star dust or cluster.

Wouldn’t you like to get a fascinating and deep but delicate look on your eggs? Both the galaxy design mentioned above and the sharpie dye easter egg design described below are good examples of this design.

How cool are these Easter eggs?  You need some neon or brilliant paints to make this attractive painting. Of course, mix warm water and vinegar and dip boiled eggs into this mix. Just you wait for about 10 minutes; the paint will adhere to the egg shell. If you want to get a more intense color, this duration can be increased or decreased accordingly. I found a simple instruction for you.

Bunny Easter Egg​

Make your own bunny easter egg. Also, it will be a pretty mini vase. For this, start by blowing the inside of the eggs out and you can easily paint your eggs with grained pens.

Cactus Easter Egg​

Similarly, wouldn’t you like to have a cute cactus egg? You can boiled the eggs or blow the inside  out. Then draw a cactus pattern on the egg with the help of a pencil.

Traditional Easter Eggs Decorating Ideas

In traditional Easter egg preparation techniques, there is actually no single method. But in general, the first thing to do is to make holes in the bottom and top of the egg and blow the inside of the egg out. Then, you can paint any patterns you desired with the help of a brush. I put together a few applications to be an example. The general application is to paint the floor color by dipping method, and to make fine work on it with the help of a brush.

Botanical Easter Eggs

My other favorite design theme is to embellish with materials from nature itself, which will make you feel like a botanical garden. You can see a few beautiful examples below.

In this article, I briefly shared some examples that I think you will enjoy. I hope these designs have been inspiring. Whatever you do, be sure to do it with your loved ones. Because the times you can spend with them will never come back again.