Epoxy Resin Jewelry

Epoxy Resin Terrarium Pendants

Epoxy Resin Jewelry is the kind of work that can be produced in different projects with infinite possibilities. The main thing is to determine what you want to do and to prepare the materials. The most common ones are the projects that are made by using dried flowers. All you need to do before you start is to make a short walk in nature and collect the small but bright flowers for this delightful project by enjoying the spring and dry them in a heavy book without wasting any time.

Terrarium Necklace

Pressed flowers, which are prepared and dried, can reflect your own style to your application with an original scenario. The materials to be used are almost standard. First of all, it is necessary to provide crystal epoxy and resin. These products, which are extremely simple to apply, are generally a chemical set consisting of 2 parts. You can mix it in the proportions described above and prepare it by pouring into the inside of a mold.

Of course, you can use different methods at this point. For example, you can put a small piece of sea shell or a piece of wood on this little necklace that will remind you of good memories. Or you can not just put one flower, you can design your little terrarium garden that resembles a flower garden.

If you want to prepare your epoxy necklaces, you can produce your own patterns. However, my advice is to supply small molds that are silicone. Since it is silicone, it is easy to remove it from the mold after it dries. Also, your patterns will not be single use.

Of course, you don’t just have to make jewelry. While researching beautiful projects, I was actually met with a very interesting project. As an idea of the Easter egg, it is actually a very surprising and very stylish design. But it is useful to remind the beginning. You will need a little bit of material above the standard bill of materials. The simplest is that you have a small tabletop lathe. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to reach the realistic egg form.