Free Printable Masks For Kids

Free Printable Masks For Kids

I wanted to share a simple but effective activity for you to spend a fun time with your child. Making a mask … You can print it easily. You can also print in both colour and colourless formats, so you can also colourize together.

I found these mask templates while researching for my own child. So I wanted to compile them all in one place. I do not want to disrespect the real owners by adding the files directly here. For this reason, I will add the links to access the downloadable files.

Printable Animal Masks for Kids

As of the moment I edited this article in this source, there are 6 different animal mask designs. You can download and print in both A4 and letter format. But please note, these designs belong to the site that owns the rights. You can download masks by following this link.

In another source, there are different models of masks. These are not masks that cover the entire face, but you can also find uncoloured versions on the same site.

Another source I have seen is here. However, a disadvantage of this site is that you have to provide your email address. In this way, a download link is sent to you. The choice is yours. My favourite site is the first group.

This sharing will continue, please stay tuned. You can also find my other shares about children here.