Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

Mothers day is approaching. Even if you do not buy gifts for your mother, she will surely be happy. But if you give a gift that you have prepared with your own labor, wouldn’t your mother be more happy? In this post, we have compiled for you a few handmade gift ideas that will inspire you. Hurry up, making a tiny smile on her face will make everyone happy these days when we have to stay at home.

How about a simple yet eye-catching flower pot made of colored paper? If your mother loves tulips, probably all mothers love it, you can prepare this little surprise for her.
It is very easy to prepare! First, you need to download the template to use it. You will find the relevant source link below. After getting the printout of the template, you need to find craft papers in the flowerpot and flower color you want.
Using the template, cut these papers and stick them on top of each other. That is all. You can check the gallery for more. You can also follow the link.

source : link

The next design is a puppet of colored paper. This design will be a very enjoyable and very cool gift. Maybe you won’t want to give it to your mom.
First of all, of course, to download the template and get the output. Then, as it can be understood from the figure, we need to cut the picture on the template properly. The parts you have cut must be punched and attached to each other by punching the appropriate places. Then make the mechanism that will allow you to move the puppet with the help of a rope. In the last step, glue the superhero cape and the head of the funny face mother figure. Your puppet is ready. It’s time to have a fun time …

source and printable draft: link

This gift is easy to prepare a little bit more than others, but still very valuable. All you have to do is download the corresponding template and get the prints. You can now cut the outputs from the marked places and put them together. So, you will get a book format. You can get the template from the link below.

source: link