Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

This activity is both very instructive and educational for younger children. A game that aims to educate children to recognize the colours and objects they see in their environment.

Children can play this event outside whether they are inside or if there is no rain. For example, if they are in nature, they can draw a tally mark in the box that is the same colour as the flower they see around. In this way, they both discover nature and learn or practice counting, understanding the colours of objects or taking notes. 

You can see the page filled in as an example below. Also, I am adding the printable format of this form in A4 and letter size for you. You can also print and use it in your games.  You can find the link below for printable documents 

Download A4 size

Download Letter size

Another way to play is, if you are at home, collect all the materials of the rainbow colours in your living room and arrange them in a way to form a rainbow. The blogger (https://artfulparent.com/a-rainbow-scavenger-hunt) who inspired this idea left chocolate as a gift to the beginning and end of the rainbow that eventually formed. This is a really good idea.

Another application I saw was similar to this. What is done here is to roll a big colored dice. Then, whatever color came up, the children are looking for an object of the same color as that color in the room. Of course, if you can not find dice, you can write the colors on the pieces of paper, throw those pieces of paper on the floor and select one.

After finding the same coloured object, next comes the finding of objects of other colours. Each time, the children gather together the object they find on a blue mat. Finally, a beautiful rainbow figure appears. (source)