Sew your Face Mask for Coronavirus

I know we are having a hard time due to coronavirus. Most of us may have the opportunity to stay at home, but there are those who have to work, or those who have to go shopping. You may need to go out, even if only for a short time, when families with their children stay at home for a long time. Meanwhile, using a face mask is one of the protective measures. But you know, it is very difficult to find a mask on the market now. Even if you find the prices are too high. For this reason, I tried to list the simple mask making methods that I liked for you.

This project requires some sewing skills. However, you will eventually get a professional mask.It also has a filter pocket. If you have colored fabrics, you will be pleased with the mask you will get with this draft. You can also sew a mask that complements your clothing as a suitable accessory for your coronavirus days.

You can follow the link to see the whole project or even watch the video of the building. Also, photos of how to do it step by step are available in the gallery below.

This project is quite simple. I found this design while researching a mask sewing pattern for myself. For this reason, I wanted to share with you. You can also find the original of the design here or the pdf document here or here.

Another project is still a simple model, but this mask also contains a space for putting filter paper. Although using such masks is not seen as a 100% protective measure against coronavirus, the recommendations of the CDC still show that it can be advantageous. You can find the source of this mask here.

This design is, of course, for children. Or were you planning to mask yourself and not to your child? You can reach the full pattern of this design here. It is even present in drafts tailored to different age groups and adults. They are obviously very cute and fun. I definitely recommend you to review. I recommend that you get the original of the pattern from the site itself. Those who prepared the result made a lot of effort.

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