Simple Fine Motor Activity with Paper Clips

Fine motor activity with paper clip for kids

If you are looking for an activity that does not require great preparation but will still improve your child’s fine motor skill, here it is.

The important thing here is to develop an activity with the products we use every day. And this activity is also the development of your child’s fine motor skills. I have compiled what can be done with a paper clip for you. Let’s see if you like it. There are many game alternatives. And let’s start with the first:

I was inspired from the blog as you can visit here.

Children need good motor skills for school and play.
Because if they do not develop these skills, they cannot be said to have earned their independence completely. They cannot close their zippers, zippers or buttons on their own, just because these abilities have not improved. Achieving all this development is through the development of fine motor skills. This of course also happens with practice. We need to offer them games to make this practice. You can see the first effects of this even when they start using a pencil.

Why do we use paper clips?

Because paper clips are the size that your children can fit in the palm of their hands and hold them easily with their fingers.

It is also suitable for moving with a forefinger or thumb while in the palm of the hand, thus allowing them to develop fine motor skills. They need this ability to tie shoelaces in the future.

Pincer grasp; it is a powerful way to promote sensitive grip between thumb and forefinger. This motor skill is required for tasks that require power and dexterity to manage small items by turning coins or pages.

Hand manipulation; It can be used as a manipulative element to transfer from the palm to the fingertips or vice versa. This is a basic skill required in pencil grip and other functional tasks.

Eye-hand coordination; this skill is a basic fine motor skill required for many functional tasks. Managing small items, copying letters and other visual-motor skills need this skill. A paper clip can be a powerful way to work to enhance this skill area.

Paper Clips Fine Motor Activities

Below you will find some examples that I have prepared for you. Be sure to review them all

Link paper clips together to form a chain

You can make a huge chain by adding paper clips to the tip. Your kid will love to play with him.

Create shapes or letters with linked paper clips

This game will provide a nice experience for your child to learn letters and numbers. Not only will he/she learn letters and numbers, he/she will also have tested how they were created.

Write a number on a piece of papers, follow the shape of that number with paper clips

Or, more simply, you might want your child to draw a number on paper and arrange paper clips on that number.

Use the paper clips to hold small paper puppets

If you want to make paper puppets, the paper clip can keep them upright.

Use four paper clips as legs of craft animals

You can make a perfect leg for your animal figures made of paper.

Sort paper clips by color

Sorting paper clips by color will be a good practice for your child to learn the colors, and it will be a game that improves visual and tactile coordination.

Press paper clips onto play dough to make paper clip flowers

If you want to use your play dough as a floor and plant flowers on it, you can use paper clips as a branch.

Attach onto edge of a paper plate or Cardboard

At first glance it may seem like a simple application, but it will be a long-term game for your child. In addition to his/her motor skills, he/she will learn to complete a job to the fullest.

Pick up with a magnet

With the help of a magnet, you can collect paper clips on paper or move your paper clips along a route you draw on the paper.

Place pencil tip in one end and spin

Connect pieces of paper to create sculptures