Small Kitchen Organization

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Small Kitchen Organization

Refrigerator Drawers

You can place a refrigerator-height and wheeled drawer in the space between the refrigerator and the wall. So you can store your food, storage containers or anything you want to put in this way.

Kitchen Space Savers

The parts of our countertop close to the walls or the corners are often dead areas. Here are the ideas that will evaluate you dead areas! These drawers offer you storage space and the tools you need are always at hand.

The most unusable areas in the kitchen are the corners. With this great design, the corners are best valued. In addition, the rotating platform provides easy access to even the rearmost item.

You can also choose to make a square drawer to take advantage of the dead space in the corners. So you have more space to store your junk. It would be best to decide according to your needs in the kitchen.

I also recommend you to watch this video. You will find many ikea hacking ideas.

The bottom of the cabinets under the counter is usually left empty, whereas hidden drawers can be your savior in the kitchen. If they do not have a handle, nobody will know that there is a drawer there. Thus, while these drawers provide you with extra storage space, you will also have a secret compartment to store the chocolates you have reserved for yourself 🙂

Small Spice Rack

Small touches on the counter will also give you space to cook comfortably. You can use a wall-hung apartments to put in the utensils or spices that we often use when cooking. No need to allocate extra space on the counter for the dishes. You can make your counter look more organized with the dish rack over sink / drain that you will put on your sink.