The Best Small Kitchen Ideas of All Time

There are many ways to increase storage space in small kitchens. Fortunately, we searched for these and compiled in our article. From unique cabinet solutions to simple but effective tricks, you will find helpful ideas in many subjects.

Hanging a Pegboard

Instead of hanging a limiter shelf, you can try a pegboard that adds very flexible storage that can be adjusted over time as your needs change. However, you should have a specialist do it. If it falls on you, it may cause serious injuries. Be sure to have it installed by a specialist.

Using Tops of The Kitchen Cabinets

The upper parts of your cabinets are enormous to use as storage space. You can store kitchen utensils that you do not use frequently here.

Add Shelving under your Island Countertop

Use the Space above Your Fridge

Storage Area at the Windows

Bonus Kitchen Storage Ideas